China is an 8 year old Chihuahua that was adopted once and returned when she became so protective of her elderly caregiver. She thought the lady's daughter and aide were going to hurt her when helping her up. She would love to be the center of someone’s world again. She will sit on your lap all day if you let her. She doesn't have to be crated and she is house trained. She will not tell you when she needs to go out but she is fully trained if you take her out every few hours. She can be very temperamental when it comes to cutting her nails or putting on sweaters. She is typical for her breed, must go slowly at first but once she bonds, she sticks to you like glue! She tolerates other dogs, but she doesn’t interact with them. She has no experience with cats. No small children due to her small size.

Please email: Suffolk Humane Society for information at or call 757-538-3030 and leave message. Application, fee of $200, home visit and vet reference apply.

Thank you again for your interest in Suffolk Humane Society!